Why Full Spectrum

Why Full Spectrum

When shopping for a new laser engraver, we're sure you have many questions and we know you have many options.

Full Spectrum Laser's goal is to give you the best machine that will do the job at the best possible price and support.

Generally there are two other types of companies that may have similar machines:

  • Very expensive machines.  These are often 3-4x the cost of Full Spectrum Laser products. These are sold through dealer networks and your primary contact is an independent salesperson. Much of the additional expense comes from the cost of not selling direct. Even with the 3-4x higher cost, there are usually many required items that you need to buy that are included standard on a Full Spectrum machine such as the cutting table, air compressor and air exhaust fan. In addition, replacement consumable parts such as laser tubes, lenses, mirrors and bearing tend to be 10x the replacement cost of similar parts from Full Spectrum Laser. Full Spectrum laser sells a wide range of products starting below $2000 for our hobby laser to more expensive $20,000+ projector style scanning galvo fiber lasers. At the end of the day, you want to get the job done. By having a Full Spectrum of different products, FSL can offer you the best tool for your job.  Ask for a demonstration and cost analysis from a Full Spectrum specialist to fit your needs. 
  • Companies with similar or slightly lower pricing. These companies are usually 1 or 2 man operations having no technical support with no physical office space operating out their house or mailbox forwarder. Often these machines are imported from questionable quality factories, never quality inspected inside the USA, sold with no support and the seller knows nothing about the machine. Often times these companies have been business for less than a year and are run by staff with no engineering degrees.  Low cost imported machines may use inferior software, electronics and optics to save costs.  

The Full Spectrum Laser Advantage

When purchasing a machine, it's important to ask where you are buying the laser from. Ensure the company you are buying from has the following important qualities:

  • 100% 30 day money back guarantee on all hobby laser machines (minus shipping/handling).  Try it out and return it for any reason for 100% money back on the hobby laser machines within 30 days (excludes shipping/handling).  See warranty statement for details.
  • Unique products: We have patented and patent pending technologies in our lasers not available anywhere else such as our removable floor in the new hobby laser.  Remember also that a laser is more than just motors and a case.  The electronics and software are the most important aspect of the machine and can make the difference from having an amazing tool and a doorstop.  To save cost, many low cost imported machines have cheap optics, faulty design and poorly written or non-functional ancient Chinese software that could render your machine useless.  Our in house software RetinaEngrave 3D Ethernet+USB is 100% actively developed in the USA allowing the laser to operate as easily as any desktop printer and available only from FSL.  In house engineers and programmers means FSL is not at the mercy of 3rd party suppliers when something goes wrong.
  • People that know what they are doing. Many companies only resell the machines for another manufacturer. Full Spectrum Laser develops our own laser control electronics and software: RetinaEngrave. We design the PCB board layout, write the software and program the boards all in our Las Vegas, NV office. In addition, Full Spectrum designs our laser models with full 3D CAD drawings.  The new hobby laser is currently fully assembled in the USA.  We know every part that goes into the laser. We machine many parts on our in house Fanuc based Sharp CNC machine. Several of our staff have engineering master and PhD degrees from universities like Stanford University. Currently, FSL has around 30 staff with 4 PhDs (3 Stanford PhDs). It is this engineering expertise that is there to assist you if you have problems a regular sales person can't answer.
  • FSL operates out of 2x owner-operated buildings with over 20,000+ sqft with 30 staff to ensure someone is always reachable.
  • USA based support and storage of spare parts. Some unscrupulous companies may claim unfounded claims. Do your due diligence. Go visit the company or ask for a virtual tour. Check out http://whois.domaintools.com/ and see how long their website has been around.  Full Spectrum Laser will show any potential customer a virtual video tour of our facilities over Internet video conference if you are unable to visit us in person.  Many of our machines are fully assembled in Las Vegas, NV.  For machines for which we use a partner assembly factory, our machines are opened, quality inspected then repackaged in Las Vegas, NV.  
  • Economies of scale: By selling more machines than our competition, FSL has more spare parts, better knowledge and lower pricing than our competition without sacrificing quality or reliability.  
  • Established company track record. Full Spectrum Laser and previously Full Spectrum Engineering have been in operation since 2008. Visit our forums with over 2000 members or facebook.com/fslaser with over 18,000 fans. 
  • Superb customer record.  FSL has thousands of happy customers using our machines in dozens of industries from Fortune 500 companies to schools to home based entrepeneurs.  Many of our machines that are 5+ years old are still in operation.  As with any business with such a high volume of customers, there may be some occasional hiccups but FSL has dedicated itself to supplying as high level of customer service as possible and attempt to work until the problem is solved. With over 30 staff, we can always be on top of any issues.  Compare this size with operations with 1 or 2 guys that will disappear for weeks on vacation and become unreachable when you need them or companies that take your money and disappear overnight.
  • Community involvement. Full Spectrum Laser has proudly supported public maker/hacker events like Red Bull Creation in Brooklyn, NY and attends many tradeshows like MakerFaire Bay Area, MakerFaire Detroit, ACTE St Louis, and ARA Las Vegas.