Free Laser Tubes For Life

All CO2 laser tubes eventually wear out. The complete 40w laser tube replacement is much lower ($300) compared to a recharge from other manufacturers (~$2000). At 1000-1500 hrs our economy 40w laser is under 30cents/hr to operate.  Our high end 80w tubes can last 10,000+ hrs!  When you consider it takes about a minute to do a typical vector cut, that's a lot of laser time!

However, we can do even better and offer replacement laser tubes for FREE.

Introducing the Full Spectrum Laser LLC Design Contest

Every month we will select the best made "laser thing" by a Full Spectrum Laser LLC device and give a free replacement 40W laser tube.

The goal of this contest is to demonstrate the amazing things that can be made with a Full Spectrum Laser LLC device so use your creative skills!

Videos and detailed write-ups will be even better and add bonus points to your entry.

Multiple entries are encouraged and welcome! 

If you keep winning our design contest, you will never need to buy another CO2 laser tube again.

Like our facebook page at then post your entry on our facebook wall AND on our forums here.  See what everyone else has been making!

Free Replacement Laser Tubes for Life!

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